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We work together across a multitude of disciplines to empower people all over the world. Find your passion and apply.

We’re a driven team, working together to empower people with one simple idea of making lives easier through technology.

What we value.

Our decisions and work style are centered around our core values.


We aim to always act with an inner sense of firmness, reasonable judgment, competence and the highest standards of intellectual honesty in all our dealings.


We always strive to be unrelenting in the dogged pursuit of our purpose with a firm belief that we can achieve the impossible and push beyond the status-quo.


We spur each other to be teachable, to question previously held beliefs and retain a strong capacity building mentality.

Perks and Culture

Our casual company culture inspires our employees to work better, wherever they are.


Flexible work life

Achieving an ultimate balance between meeting task schedules and personal time will eventually lead to a fulfilling productive work life.


Learning & Development

We advocate self-development among staff for the purpose of annexing good skills, by implementing staff course training required for improved job performance.


Performance Bonuses

We encourage employees to keep in mind that certain accomplished roles in helping the company achieve its goals, are rewarded with the intention to be a motivational tool.


Health Insurance

All staff are entitled to receive a comprehensive range of benefits access to health care against loss of income when ill.


Paid Annual Leave

Full-time workers are entitled to paid time off work and leave benefits granted by the company during the designated period.


Free Lunch

This is one of the perks working for us. Employees are served clean eating lunch recipes.


Housing Assistance

In-house apartments and alternative housing assistance are provided for eligible staff persons included in the company’s accommodation scheme.


Team Hangouts

On special occasions, we get together at lower-key spots to unwind “You know, where we don’t have to think or hassle around too much”

Open Positions

There are no positions available at this time.