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Enabling individuals and businesses in Africa to send and receive payments from anywhere in the world.

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KoraPay, the solution for everyone


Cross-border transfers and payments for individuals.

You could be charged up to 7% in fees using the current financial system when sending money abroad. Kora is around 6x cheaper with delivery anywhere around the world.

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Settlements and payouts for businesses.

Pay individuals and businesses in Africa instantly from anywhere in the world.

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Our products are built on principles that make us stand out

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    We understand the importance of time. Using our financial tools will ensure your transactions are completed in time.

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    We take extra measures in ensuring that all transactions on Kora are protected end-to-end with standard encryption technology.

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    Saving costs for our customers is at the forefront of our mission.

Kora Token Ecosystem

Kora Network Token is a utility token used across various suites of financial services in the Kora Ecosystem.

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KNT Market Cap Summary

Why use KNT?

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    Cost savings on transaction fees

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    Cost savings on payments for third-party services

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    Loyalty system

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    Alternative payment rail on cross-border payments

Kora Community

Let's change the world together, one transaction at a time.

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We're building a better world

In the bid to make the world a better place, Kora supports long-term investments in community development by establishing partnerships and fund-raisers.

We're a global brand

From Africa to the rest of the world, Kora is making a global impact. With a simple idea, Kora is connecting people and capital all over the world, easily.

We're making lasting impressions

Our dedication to solving real problems in business constantly keeps us at the forefront of our customer’s mind.

From Africa to the rest of the world, Kora is making global impact.


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